Rotary Acronyms

Rotary Acronyms



3H Health, Hunger and Humanity
3-H GRANTS Health, hunger and humanity – Grants of US$100k to $500K for multi- year international projects and social development
AG Assistant (District) Governor – One of a number of senior Rotarians appointed by District Governor (DG) to assist with administration of a group of clubs in that year
IFRAA International Fellowship of Rotarian Amateur Astronomers.
ALUMNI District and Club Groups – Association of former members of Group Study Exchange teams (GSE), Scholars and other Foundation programmes
Ambassadorial Scholars An international programme of Rotary Foundation – Enables men and women to spend an academic year abroad in university level or vocational studies
Board of a Rotary Club The governing body of a Rotary club expected to meet monthly – Consists of President, Vice President(s), President Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors and others as the By-Laws shall provide
CAP  Community Assistance Program
Carl P Miller Discovery Grant RI Foundation grant up to US$3000 for travel, research of an international service project – To be used by a Rotarian or group thereof who have a written invitation from club in host country who will offer home-hosting
Catalogue List of all major publications, supplies etc available from RI – Supplementary updates issued annually in July Contains order forms to send to NSW Branch Office of RI (Gratis)
Charter Member The original members of a newly chartered club – Identified with a special lapel badge
Classification A principal concept to assure each Rotary club represents cross section of business/professions – Describes the distinct and recognised business or professional service which the Rotarian renders to society (Not position held)
Club and District Changeovers A mainly formal event held annually just prior to a new Rotary year and includes partners – Formal changeover to new President and team of incoming Officers/Directors and provides a review of past year achievements and activities
Club Banner/Flag A small flag expressive of the community, country or region of a club – Commonly used to present to visitors or exchange with clubs visited throughout the world
Club Charter A document issued when a new club is admitted to Membership in RI – Signed by RI Pres, General Secretary and DG Date thereon represents date of official membership Framed and preserved
Club Committees The “action” groups within a club – Comprise standing committees under the 4 Avenues of Service plus others approved by the Board Each headed by a Director, with Deputy and committee members
Club Forum Formal meeting of an entire club – Called to inform members about service activities and progress of projects Also an opportunity for members to air views
Club Secretary’s Manual Issued by RI to each incoming Club Secretary – Contains procedures and guides to dates and secretarial functions etc
Club Task Allocation List of essential tasks allocated to members – Enables spread of administrative and essential tasks to ensure effective outcomes List available from Secretary
CMS  Citation for Meritorious Service
Council of Governors A District committee – Past DG’s who convene to give advice to the current DG on programmes, policies and procedures
Council On Legislation The legislative body of Rotary International – Composed of one delegate from each Rotary District that meet each 3 years to consider proposed changes to the Rotary Constitution and Bylaws
DDF  District Designated Funds
DG District Governor – Directly responsible to the Board of Rotary International (RI) for the supervision of clubs within a designated district
DGD  District Governor-Designate (DG next+2 Rotary Year)
DGE  District Governor-Elect (DG next Rotary Year)
DGN District Governor-Nominee (DG next+1 Rotary Year)
DGN District Governor Nominee
DGND District Governor Nominee Designate
DIK Donations-in-kind – Supplies of donated educational and medical equipment available to serve a need in the developing world
DIN Donations-in-Kind Information Network
District Conference Annual event for members and partners – Held annually in each District to further the programmes of Rotary through fellowship, inspiring speakers and recognition of club activities etc
DIR District Interact Representative
DLP  District Leadership Plan
DLT District Leadership Team – Approved by RI to begin 1/1/1997 An enhanced organisational structure in a District to enable cost-effective growth and faster, more responsive support to clubs by appointment of Assistant Governors
DRFC  District Rotary Foundation Committee
DRR District Rotaract Representative
DSA  Distinguished Service Award
DSG District Simplified Grants.
DSGs support the service activities or humanitarian endeavors of districts, and they may submit DSG requests in place of Helping Grants, Humanitarian Transportation Grants, Community Assistance Program (CAP) applications, and
New Opportunities Grants, beginning 1 January 2003.
DT  District Trainer
EN  English (language)
FAIM Fourth AvenueIn Motion – Teams of Rotary Volunteers assist build hospitals, schools etc for under- privileged people and carry out specialist work
FARG  Foundation Alumni Resource Group
Fellowship A major club function – Promotes acquaintance among members through participation in clubs? recreational and social activities

Founder of Rotary

Refers to Paul P Harris – Organised the first Rotary Club inChicagoin 1905 Born 19 April 1868 died 27 January 1947

Four Avenues of ServiceThe major elements of the “Object of Rotary” – Term used to refer to Club Service; Vocational Service; Community Service and International ServiceFriendship ClubA less formal agreement that may lead to Sister Club status after a trial period – As above but less demanding of mutual co-operation until proper communication lines and philosophy is establishedFunctional Literacy ProgrammeAn RI programme since 1992 – To meet the needs of adults deemed to be functionally illiterate and to promote support for reading, writing skills through community Literacy centresGB and IAssociation of clubs in Great Britain and Ireland – Clubs located in England, Scotland, Wales Ireland, Channel Is and Isle of ManGETS Governor-Elect Training SeminarGSEGroup Study ExchangeGSE Group Study ExchangeGSE TeamGroup Study Exchange Team Programme of Rotary Foundation of RI – A cultural and Educational exchange of young non-Rotarian professionals which promotes international understanding through travel and personal contact Usually once annually for duration of 4 to 5 weeks under Rotary leadershipHelping GrantsUp to US$15K based on 2:1 match of club or district contributions – For projects in a country other than that of the sponsor where Rotary participation is not possibleHonorary MemberRecognition of a past member or non-Rotarian – Persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary idealsHorizonsA District or club Committee – To research and propose a forward planning approach within District or club to improve organisational structures and consider suggestions which will attract younger prospective membersICUFRInternational Computer User Fellowshipo of Rotarians,IGIndividual Grants. IGs support the travel of individual Rotarians planning or implementing service projects, and under this program, Rotarians may submit Individual Grants in place of Discovery Grants and Grants for Rotary Volunteers,
beginning 1 April 2003.Inner WheelAn international organisation of women – A Rotary sponsored service group open to wives, widows of present and past RotariansInteractInteraction between youth and service – World-wide Rotary sponsored group of young people dedicated to service and International understanding and is open to students in their last 4 years of secondary educationInternational AssemblyAn annual assembly of District Governor Nominees held in Anaheim, US in Feb/Mar – To educate, instruct and inspire DGNs and adoption of RI theme and new programmes of RIInternational ConventionWorld-wide gathering of all Rotarians and partners – Held usually in May in a different country chaired by RI PresidentINTERPLASTInternational Plastic Surgery Programme – Established by District 9800 in 1980 and sends teams of volunteer surgeons and nurses to developing countries to operate on deformities, burns etIPACInternational Projects Advisory Committee – A national committee to update registry of international projects identified as suitable for support by clubsIPDG Immediate Past District GovernorIPEC International Polio Eradication CommitteeIPP Immediate Past PresidentIPPC International PolioPlus CommitteeLeave Of AbsenceUpon written request to the Club Board – May be granted to excuse member from meetings for a specified length of time but does not operate to give credit for attendance (See Make-Ups)Make-UpsMaking up of attendance at meetings or another Rotary Club or District meeting – A card is obtained from the visited club in order that credit for attendance is gained Make-ups can be within 14 days prior to or following the normal meetingMatching GrantsUp to US$50K that match club contributions – For projects involving Clubs in 2 or more countries for humanitarian serviceMembership Identification CardUsed by member to verify current membership (CD3-420-EN) – Issued by Club Secretary upon payment of annual dues Shows expiry date of year endMOPManual of Procedure – A reference manual for Rotary Leaders updated each 3 years Contains policies & procedures for club and RI administrationMUNAModel United Nations Assembly – An international youth project that simulates the workings of the United Nations Usually held annually for 2 days in MarchNESSNational Engineering Summer SchoolNID National Immunization DaysNYSFNational Youth Science Forum – A programme sponsored by Rio Tinto to enable select secondary science students to attend a science forum annuallyObject of RotaryA statement from the Rotary Constitution – The object is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterpriseOfficial DirectoryA RI publication – Issued by RI annually containing list of all clubs, names and addresses of all Presidents, Secretaries, time and place of meetings etc Available from Club SecPDGPast District GovernorPE President-ElectPeer Support FoundationNon-profit group founded 1971 with Rotary support – Operates in most state primary and secondary schools to offer leadership training for senior students who in turn assist integration of new studentsPer Capita DuesDues each club pays to RI for each active, senior active and past service member – Payable semi-annually on 1 July and 1 January at current rate of exchange notified by RIPETSPresidents Elect Training Seminar – Held annually for incoming Presidents and partners to be trained in the administration of their club and to develop challenging projects and programmesPHFPaul Harris Fellow – A form of recognition for financial or meritorious service to the Foundation or to the community generallyPHFPaul Harris FellowPHF Sustaining Member(Previous acronym). Recognises financial contributions to the Foundation in increments – Recognises individuals who have made contributions in instalments up to US$1000
(This is now Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member.)PHF with SapphireSupplementary recognition to above PHF – A special recognition gold pin with blue stone to represent additional financial contribution or meritorious servicePHSMPaul Harris Sustaining MemberPolio PlusAn international programme of Rotary Foundation – To protect all of the world’s children from poliomyelitis through national immunisation days, laboratory networks and reporting of suspected casesPPPast PresidentPRID Past Rotary International DirectorPROBUSProfessional and Business – A Rotary sponsored group for retirees and semi-retired professional and business people Meet monthlyProvisional ClubA group organising the formation of a new club – Meets weekly until admitted to membership of Rotary International with minimum of 25 charter membersRC Rotary ClubRCC Rotary Community CorpsRCD Rotary Club DirectorRCP Rotary Code of PoliciesRDURotary Down UnderRotary Foundation Sustaining MemberRecognises financial contributions to the Foundation in increments – Recognises individuals who have made contributions in instalments up to US$1000
(Previously PHF Sustaining member)RIRotary International – The association of Rotary Clubs of Rotary Clubs throughout the worldRIBI Rotary International inGreat BritainandIrelandRID Rotary International DirectorRIF Rotary International FoundationROTARACTA Rotary sponsored service group – For young people aged 18 to 30 who meet each two weeks to foster service to the local and international communityROTARTANKRotary Water Tanks – Established by District 9800 to supply and install portable fresh water tanks by Rotary Project Volunteers in neighbouring countriesRotaryFounded 1905 by Paul Harris inChicagoUS – An organisation of business and professional persons united world-wide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the worldRotary Club FlagThe official flag of Rotary with emblem and club name – For display at club and district assembliesRotary EmblemAn emblem representing “civilisation and movement” – A gear wheel with 6 spokes, 24 cogs, in colours of royal blue and gold A key was added in 1923 to signify the wheel was a “worker” not an “idler”Rotary FoundationA philanthropic Trust – A not-for-profit corporation whose activities extend world-wide to achieve world understanding and peaceRotary Themes or MottoesOfficial slogans adopted annually by RI President – A theme that changes yearly to reflect the philosophy and programmes for the year Principal motto that remains constant is “Service Above Self” since 1989Rotary VolunteersA local and overseas volunteer programme – Teams of from 2 to 6 volunteers visit for 2 to 4 weeks to developing countries to provide skills training and assistanceRotary Volunteers ProgrammeVoluntary overseas service –
Facilitates placement of volunteers and may cover some expenses of those serving abroad for 28 days or moreROTEXOrganisation of Ex-Rotary Exchange StudentsROTIRotarians on The InternetROVERotary Overseas Vocational Exchange –
A programme to encourage vocational exchanges of up to 12 weeksRRFC Regional Rotary Foundation CoordinatorRRVF Rotary Recreational and Vocational FellowshipsRTNRotarianRYLARotary Youth Leadership Award – A programme of a week’s leadership training.RYPENRotary Youth Programme of Enrichment – A programme of weekend seminars for young people aged 14 to 17 yearsSHARE Share (RF distribution of funds)Sister ClubRelationship agreement between clubs in other Countries/districts – To foster better understanding and fellowship exchange and mutual support and co-operation on humanitarian projectsSouthwest Pacific Service CentreOffice of RI based inParramatta, NSW – Serves Rotary clubs and Districts inAustralia, NZ andPacificIslandsSRCC Standard Rotary Club ConstitutionStandard Club ConstitutionOriginally adopted in 1922 –
Provides the framework for all clubs in the world and is a condition to receiving a charterSWSLSave Water Save Lives – Project teams of up to 3 weeks to funding and assisting install fresh clean water tanks and dams in overseas communitiesThe 4-Way TestA measure for Rotarians of conduct and thinking – 1 Is it the truth? 2 Is it fair to all concerned?  3 Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4 Will it be beneficial to all concerned?The Rotary WorldAn RI publication – Three copies sent bi-monthly to all club presidents direct from RITheme MonthsFocus in various months on major activities – Gives specific attention to Membership (August) Youth (Sept) Vocational (Oct) Foundation (Nov) Awareness (Jan) World Understanding (Feb) Magazine (April) Rotaract Week (Mar)TRFThe Rotary FoundationWCS World Community ServiceWFAWorld Fellowship ActivitiesWorld Fellowship CommitteeAn international programme – For the many groups of Rotarians sharing common sporting & vocational interest and encourages reciprocal visits to other countries where home-hostedYEPYouth Exchange ProgrammeYouth ExchangeAn international youth programme of exchange – Reciprocal 12 month secondary school exchanges between students sponsored by local and overseas Districts and clubs


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