What Is Rotaract ?

• What does Rotaract do ?

Rotaract gives all members a chance to work together in active service projects in the community. It also links you with thousands of others who are working for better international understanding through Rotaract. Every Rotaract Club works on at least three major service projects annually. One to service the community, another to promote international understanding and a third to stimulate high ethical standards in business and professions. When you join, there will be a special place for you. In fact, you may be the one on whom the success of a project depends or even the one who recognizes the need for a particular project. Rotaract activities are not all work by any means, Rotaract groups find that their association is the basis for fellowship as well as service. Whether it is a group evening at the theater or a sporting event, or tour of the place of a member of the sponsoring Rotary club, or a special project for a local hospital, school or other public agency, you are part of the action through Rotaract. …………………………………………..

Rotaract Club Members Qualities

1. Age Group : 18-30 Yrs.

2. Qualification :

a) Age. b) Should be interested in making friends. c) Should be willing to devote his personal time to the Club. d) Should have something to offer to the club. e) Should be enthusiastic, active in normal life.

3. Duties :

a) Pay all dues promptly. b) Attend at least 60% of regular meetings of the club. c) Attend Projects Meetings. 4. Rights :

a) Wear the lapel pin, identity card, attend meetings of other Clubs. b) Voice opinion regarding any matter related to the club or the activities. c) Inspected the Financial Accounts of the Club, when presented s per the by- Laws of the Club.

5. Moral Obligations :

a) Attend all meetings in time. b) Should not distutb the meetings by indulaing in talks, comments. c) Make the club aware of the knowledge you have about any activity that the blub wishes to ubdertake. d) Assist in pre & post prgramme work. e) Accept all members as friends. f) Should not protest a project just because it is not of his interest. g) Should share administrative work willingly and fulfill it. h) Should accept responsibilities that come along with the office of chair or post. i) Should not blame any particular member for failure of any project. j) Participate positively in all the activities of the club. k) Should not use any club’s resources or property or property for business purpose. l) Shoukd not indulge in any type of political activities in the club. m) Help and notivate fellow members.


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