Board of Directors



Rtr.SKTashnim Shakib President
Rtr.Abdus Sattar Immediate Past President
Rtr.Ujjal Kumar Ray Vice President
Rtr.Md.Hafizur Rahman Vice President
Rtr, Rajib Das Vice President
Rtr. Omar Faruk Masum Honorary Secretary
Rtr.Jahed Ahmed Chy. Joint Secretary
Rtr.Md. Abul Kalam Honorary Treasurer
Rtr.Md.Numan Ahme Sadi Joint Treasurer
Rtr.Mahmud Hasan Suhed Director Club Service
Rtr. Makded Ahmed Khan Director Community Service
Rtr. Kamalasha Chakraborty Babu Director International Service
Rtr. Injamam_ul_ Haque Jahed Director Professional Service
Rtr. Gobordhon Deb Chy (Gupon) Bulletin Editor
Rtr.M.Enayet Mowla Chief Sgt-At-Arms
Rtr. Shafi Meheraz Chy Sgt-At-Arms
Rtr. PP. Md. Enamul Hasan Sgt-At-Arms
Rtr. PP. M.Emtiaz Ahmed (Rafi) Sgt-At-Arms
Rtr.Ayonave Bhattacharjee Sgt-At-Arms

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