RC of MMU College

History of Our Club

Some Honors part-1 students of Accounting and Management of Madan Mohan University College always believes that they have to do a lot with their won student life beside studies.

LONELYNESS is probably some thing that most of us are afraid of. No one wants to feel alone and as they say. “no man in anIsland”. No matter how much we are try to convinced ourselves that we are self-sufficient, at the end of the day we need some sorts of human interaction.

So, for these above reasons the students were come nearer to their mind. They wanted to do some thing different. They wanted to form an organization which will bring them better friendship and also the satisfaction to do some. “But, how can it possible?” Most of these students are not interested to involve them selves in mainstream students organization. Moreover they are willing to do some for their personal development.

Them some students were wanted to form a debate club and others are wanted to form an organization, which will donate blood for emergency Infusion.

“This group of students are keen to do some thing”-Rtr. Shaikat and Rtr. Shakil observe it. They give short information about Rotary movement when they are studding inM.CCollege. Rtr. Shaikat introduces them with the Rotaract purpose and its Goals. Rtr. Wasim and Rtr. Juned who are ex-Intaractor support them. They became enthusiastic, and morally decided to form a Rotaract club. The first step was done so easily but next the was not so easy.

To form a Rotaract club, we need a sponsor and we heard that Rtn. Tofayel Ahmed PHF and Rtn. Major M. Ataur Rahman Pir

PHF (BTFO) teaching in our college. It was a grate advantage for us. We meet with them and introduced ourselves. They realize our will and appreciate us, also welcome to the movement and they were also committed to form a club in our college.

11.30am, 31st March 2001, the dreamers came to meet in the Canteen of Commerce faculty ofMadanMohanUniversityCollege. All these students (except Rtr. Shaikat, Rtr. Shakil, Rtr. Juned and Rtr. Wasim) were totally new comer to this movement, so they did not know the formalities of a Rotaract meeting, So, Rtr. Shaikat was requested to give some idea about the meeting proceedings. Rtr. Shakil, Juned and Wasim also give the ideas and information’s about Rotaract meetings.

After the long briefing the meeting was started with national Anthem in coronus. The Rotaract Invocation was led bye Rtr. Partha Sharathe Deb that was a milestone to enter a new arena, where the fellowship and personal development are waiting!

After some proposal we elected our board of Directors. Rtr. Shaikat was the president and Rtr. Billah was the secretary of a 36 members proposed committee!

But all these members were not able to carry themselves as Rotaractors but we honored them from their support to organize this club.

After few changes, the committee was formed with 22 members on 21st May 2001. In this committee, Rtr. Shakil elected as Secretary while Rtr. Shaikat was the President. These magical 22 were our Charter Member. They are, Rtr. Shaikat-President; Rtr. K.H. Khan-V.P; Rtr. B. Haqye-V.P; Rtr. M.R. Baksh-V.P.; Rtr. Nazmul Shakil-Secretary; Rtr. M. Roni- Jt. Secretary; Rtr. Bishwojit Roy-Treasurer; Rtr. Roudro Dipo Partho-Club Service Director; Rtr. S.A Shahan-Community Ser. Dir; Rtr. S.R. Mitu-Professional Ser. Dir; Rtr. A. alim shah-Int.Ser.dir; Rtr. Washim-Editor; Rtr. M. Selim-Sgt. at arms; Rtr. Juned Hussain-Sgt. at arms; Rtr. M.H. Nahel, Rtr. Mona, Rtr. Kanta, Rtr. Rahim; Rtr. Suhel and Rtr. M.M.R. Lovelu were the members.

The committee was formed but the sponsoring rotary club was still hesitated to sponsor us, that was a tension period, but the problem was solve by Rtn. Tofayel Ahmed PHF, Rtn. PP Major M.A Pir PHF.BTEO; Rtn. Shohid A Chow (Ass. Gov, Area-13), Rtn. PP Mannan, Rtn. Monir Uddin PHSM. PSCC and the Sponsoring Club President M.A Goni. We are great full to Rotary club of Jalalabad for give us the opportunity to build our selves as a Rotaractor. Rotary Club of Jalalabad sponsored us and we are able to go towards next step. We started our activities as a provisional club.

The 1st project taken by the club was a permanent project. We set a newspaper stand in commerce faculty at tarapur campus on 11th June 2001 and still we are donating newspaper there. The teacher, students and also the Sponsoring club members appreciated it. Than we go on and on. During the provisional period we attended the District Assembly “Reshom-01” and received the 100% attendance award.

As a provisional club we participated the International RYLA at Silchar inINDIA. Where we clinch 3 awards and in addition to this our club also walked with almost every award of Partner in Service Committee and Area-13.

We were waiting when the Charter come! At last 13th November 2001 the Day of Joy was came. We organized our 1st installation ceremony “TYRO-2001” where the sponsoring club President Rtn. Padma Sen Singha PHF handed over the charter Certificate to our Charter secretary Rtr. N Shakil.

Science charter our club is increasing in importance and influence and still we are practice Rotaract purpose.

After that our Club Successfully ruining stil now. We have really grateful for some promising leaders.


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